Philip Anglim


Rolle:Vedek Bareil (In: DS9)
Geburtsort:San Francisco, CA
Theaterrollen: [im Yale University Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park und American Conservatory Theatre] Carlotta and O'Neill; The Elephant Man; For Reasons that Remain Unclear; Judgement; M. Butterfly; Macbeth; Search and Destroy; Welded; You're Going to be Alright, Jamie Boy, The Lonely Planet (96)
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: The Adams Chronicles (??); Curacao (??); The Elephant Man (82); Macbeth (??); Monsters (??); The Thorn Birds (83) [Dane O'Neill, Miniserie].
Kinofilme: Haunted Summer (88) [Lord Byron]; The Horse Dealer's Daughter (??); Malone (87) [Harvey]; The Man Inside (90) [Rolf Gruel]; Milena (91) [Kafka]; Testament (83) [Father Hollis Mann]; The First Thursday (96, auch Drehbuch)