Kirstie Alley


Rolle:Lieutenant Saavik (In: ST2: The Wrath of Khan)
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: A Bunny's Tale; Cheers (*87-93); Infidelity; Into the Night; Masquerade (83-84); Masquerade (90); A Midsummer Night's Dream; North & South (85); North & South, Book II (86); The Prince of Bel Air; Sins of the Past; Stark: Mirror Image [bzw. Stark II]; Tow Heads: Highway Honeys; Wings.
Kinofilme: Blind Date [bzw. Deadly Seduction] (84); Champions (84); Look Who's Talking (89); Look Who's Talking Too (90); Look Who's Talking Now (94); Loverboy (89); Madhouse (90); The Osterman Weekend (83); Runaway (84); She's Having a Baby (88); Shoot to Kill [bzw. Deadly Pursuit] (88); Sibling Rivalry (90); Summer School (87), Village of the Damned (95)