Andreas Katsulas


Rolle:Commander Tomalak (In: N55 The Enemy, N58 The Defector, N82 Future Imperfect, N177 All Good Things...)
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Alien Nation {The Game} [Coolock]; Babylon 5 (Jan. 94-98) [G'Kar]; The Equalizer; The Human Factor; Max Headroom {Grossberg's Return; Whacketts; Baby Growbags}; Steal the Sky (88).
Kinofilme: Blame It on the Bellboy (92) [Scorpa]; Communion (89); The Fugitive (93) [Sykes]; Hot Shots! Part Deux (93); Next of Kin (??); The Sicilian (87); Someone to Watch Over Me (87); Sunset (88); True Identity (91).