James Cromwell

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  • Jamie Cromwell (Deutsch)


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Rolle:Zefram Cochrane (In: ST First Contact)
Rolle:Shrek (In: N142 Birthright)
Geburtsort:Los Angeles, California
Info:Eltern: John Cromwell und Kay Johnson. Verheiratet mit Julie Cobb, Abschluss am Carnegie Institute of Technology. 1996 Oskar für seine Nebenrolle in Babe.
TV-Serien: The Client (95), Three's Company (78) [Detective Lannigan], Little House on the Prairie (74) [Harve Miller] {Laura Ingalls Wilder}. Mama's Boy (88-89), Dream West (86) (mini) [Major General Hunter], Easy Street (86) [Quentin Standard], The Last Precinct (86), The Nancy Walker Show (76) [Glen], Once an Eagle (76) (mini) [J.L. Cleghorne], Hot L Baltimore (75) [Bill Lewis], All in the Family (74) [Stretch Cunningham]
Fernsehfilme: Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (94), The Shaggy Dog (94), Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (92) [Mr. Skolnick], In a Child's Name (91), Miracle Landing (90) [B.J. Cocker], Christine Cromwell: Things That Go Bump in the Night (89), China Beach (88), Alison's Demise (87) [Humboldt Hobson], Spraggue (84), The Rainmaker (82) [Noah Curry], A Christmas Without Snow (80) [Reverend Lohman], Deadly Game (77) [Malcolm Rossiter Jr.], The Girl in the Empty Gravee (77)
Kinofilme: The Snow Walker (2003) [Shepherd], Blackball (2003) [Ray Speight], Twist of Fate (2002) [Der Richter/St. Francis], The Nazi (2002) [Franz], The Sum of All Fears (Der Anschlag, 2002) [President Robert "Bob" Fowler], Space Cowboys (2000) [Bob Gerson], The Green Mile (1999) [Warden Hal Moores], The Bachelor (1999) [Pastor], Snow Falling on Cedars (1999, Schnee, der auf Zedern fällt) [Richter Fielding], The General's Daughter (Wehrlos - Die Tochter des Generals, 1999) [Lt. Gen. Joseph Campbell], Deep Impact (1998) [Alan Rittenhouse], Species II (1998) [Senator Judson Ross], Babe in Metropolis (98; Fortsetzung von Babe), Owd Bob (1997) [Adam MacAdam], The Education of Little Tree (1997) [Großvater], The People vs. Larry Flynt (96) [Charles Keating], L.A. Confidential (96), Eraser (96) [Donahue], Babe (95) [Farmer Hoggett], Romeo Is Bleeding (93) [Cage], The Babe (92) [Brother Mathias], Pink Cadillac (89) [Motel Desk Clerk], The Runnin' Kind (89), The Rescue (88), Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (87) [Mr. Skolnick], Explorers (85) [Mr. Mueller], The House of God (84), Oh, God! You Devil (84) [Priest], Revenge of the Nerds (84) [Mr. Skolnick], Tank (84) [Deputy Euclid], The Man with Two Brains (83) [Realtor], The Cheap Detective (78) [Schnell], Murder by Death (76) [Marcel the chauffeur]

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