Diana Muldaur


Rolle:Dr. Katherine Pulaski (In: TNG, 2. Staffel)
Rolle:Doctor Anne Mulhall (In: C50 Return to Tomorrow)
Rolle:Doctor Miranda Jones (In: C61 Is There in Truth No Beauty?)
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Batman: The Animated Series [Stimme]; Black Beauty; Born Free (Sept.-Dec. 74); Call to Danger; Charlie's Angels; The Deadly Triangle; Empty Nest; Fantasy Island; Fitz and Bones (Oct.-Nov. 81); Genesis II; Hart to Hart; Hawaii Five-O {Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain}; Hizzonner (May-Jun. 79); The Incredible Hulk {Homecoming; Sanctuary}; Insight; The Invaders {The Life Seekers}; L.A. Law (*89-91); Locked Up: A Mother's Rage; The Love Boat; McCloud (70-77); McCloud: Who Killed Miss USA?; Maneaters Are Loose!; Matlock {The Trial}; The Miracle Worker; Murder in Three Acts; Ordeal; Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion; Pine Canyon Is Burning; Quincy, M.E.; The Return of Frank Cannon; The Return of Sam McCloud; The Rockford Files; The Secret Storm (Serie); The Streets of San Francisco; The Survivors (69-70); Terror at Alcatraz; To Kill a Cop; The Tony Randall Show (76-78); The Word; A Year in the Life (87-88).
Kinofilme: Beyond Reason (77); Chosen Survivors (74); The Lawyer (69); McQ (74); Number One (69); One More Train to Rob (71); The Other (72); Planet Earth (74); The Swimmer (68).