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Aufenthaltsort:Deep Space 9
Tätigkeit:Verwalter diverser Einrichtungen auf der Raumstation DS9
Darsteller:Armin Shimerman
Verwandte:Rom (Bruder)
Verwandte:Ishkar (Mutter)
Verwandte:Nog (Neffe)

Auf Bitten von Benjamin Sisko, Cmdr. von DS9 blieb Quark auf der Raumstation, um mehrere Shops entlang der Promenade, unter ihnen auch die Bar, das Casino und die auf der zweiten Etage liegenden Holo-Suits (kleine Holodecks) zu betreuen. Er ist sehr zuverlässig, solange Profit für ihn herausspringt. In seiner sexistischen Art wirbt er oft um Kira, legt es aber auch gerne mit Lt. Dax an. 2369 war er kurzzeitig Großer Nagus, Führer der Ferengi, nachdem der alte Zek, scheinbar gestorben war, um seinen Sohn Krax zu testen. Quark arbeitete vor seinem jetzigen Job 8 Jahre auf einem Ferengi-Frachter. 2370 erhielt er vom Großen Nagus Zek die Aufgabe, einen kommerziellen Kotakt mit dem Dominion herzustellen, einer mächtigen Kraft im Gamma-Quadranten.

Civilian Psychological Profile: Report of Starfleet Doctor Julian Bashir M.D. Quark, one of the most influential of modern Ferengi thanks to hislocation at DS9 when the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, owns Quark's Place on DS9's Promenade but hates being called a barkeep, preferring host instead. He fancies himself an empathetic dispenser of advice as well as a goodwill ambassador and legitimate entrepreneur extraordinaire. He also caters formal affairs for the Starfleet crew and named a new souffle creation after Kai Winn when the Bajor-Cardassian peace treaty was signed. In reality he has the reputation of getting anything for a price -- with the help of a network of sources who also help him keep a hand in most illegal or illicit trade and deals going on around the station. He has even tried to force sex by contract from the unwitting Dabo girls who work for him; an employee's error is made up from garnished pay. When Odo calls him disgusting, he proudly boasts: Til the day I die! and says lying is a gift. But he does sometime show remorse out of guilt for even his own actions.His only sibling is younger brother Rom, whom he often teased and tortured as lobeless: Quark even stole Rom's naming day presents from Keldar, replacing the gifts resold at a profit with old vegetables. His father bought him his first copy of the Rules of Acquisition, but it was his mother who helped him learn them -- a repeated pattern whose truth he ignored until much later in life, feeling his father had been hounded by his mother's rebellious independence. In 2351, upon celebrating his Age of Ascension rites, he left home as soon as possible despite his father's advice to stay close; doing so 10 years ahead of Rom, he missed out on Keldar's ongoing business failures prior to his death. In his 20s, Quark apprenticed with a District Sub-Nagus until he slept with the boss's sister and lost his fast-track standing. He later served on a Ferengi freighter for eight years, where he learned some engineering and transporter skills while serving as its cook. By the 2360s he was running a black market from then-Terok Nor for the occupied Bajorans and illegally sold food to them, while earning his exclusive casino franchise by catering to Gul Dukat and the occupying Cardassians with freebies. One Cardassian contact in particular was Glinn Boheeka. Amid the shambles of Cardassian withdrawal from newly renamed DS9 in 2369, his plans to leave were changed when Starfleet commander Sisko threatened to jail his nephew Nog for a petty theft if he left -- a fateful change, leading to contacts with Grand Nagus Zek and the Dominion. He even served briefly as the Nagus and faced death threats when Zek faked his demise to trick his unfaithful son. The next year, after having led a trade mission to contact the Karemma of the Dominion, he became the first Ferengi to meet a Jem'Hadar and Vorta of the Dominion when captured with Sisko on their Gamma Quadrant vacation eight months later. That led to Zek's request in 2371 that he be aboard the Defiant's first Dominion contact mission. Married temporarily to Klingon matriarch Grilka, he faced down her rival D'Ghor before the Klingon High Council on Qo'noS to save her house after murdering her husband Kozak in self-defense in the bar. Quark knows at least the worst of human history, and while he speaks out against superior Terran attitudes he can be as racist as anyone. Quark saved his much-cherished Ferengi culture from the Bajoran Prophets' idealism later that year when he became only the third known non-Bajoran, after Sisko and Zek, to experience an orb vision and single-handedly restored the Nagus to his previous state. Future cultural decisions were not so clear-cut, though: he was secretly forced to allow his employees to unionize in 2372 despite Ferengi Commerce Authority intervention, and finally made up with his mother the year before after revisiting the homeworld for the first time in 20 years when Ishka refused to renounce her feminist ways, endangering Quark's livelihood in fines and support. Even Rom finally began to find some backbone as the 2370s dawned, standing up to Quark regarding their mother, his biased view of their parents, and finally Nog's application to Starfleet Academy -- the latter a move Quark actually tried to sabotage. The next year, he nearly stranded all three in 1947 Earth as lab specimens in a suspect ship with illicit cargo provided by Cousin Gaila, and later watched as a self-confident Rom resigns to work on the station maintenance crew after launching his union. Aside from his crushes on Dax and Kira, Quark had a surprising one-month fling in 2363 with Cardassian journalist Natima Lang, the love of his life. She didn't turn him in for aiding Bajorans, but felt betrayed and broke off the affair when he used her secret access codes to be paid for bogus goods -- a much-regretted act seven years later, when she turns up as a Cardassian dissident. Of odder course was his falling for Pel, a feminist like his mother whom he could not commit to after her revelation as a female cost Quark a cut of all the Grand Nagus' future Gamma Quadrant profits. Despite his tough stance, though, he has always been a sucker for a pretty face of any species. When he once chided O'Brien over his marriage troubles for not following the submissive-female way of the Ferengis, he was evasive when asked why he's still single. He engages Odo in a running battle of wits; though it gets vicious at times, there is mutual respect and even affection present. Despite his pride at escaping detection, he has been caught red-handed in crime more than once but served only petty penalties. He still retains old Cardassian security clearances through Level 7 -- one higher than Odo -- and knows enough about engineering to install a small cloaking device in ships not normally made for them. Lock-picking of all kinds is another skill. A rival casino opened by Martus Mazur across the Promenade almost sunk his bar in 2370 until Quark planned a Bashir-O'Brien racquetball rematch to get his customers back. If he didn't know the sport by then, he learned it quickly enough to call the remote play-by-play. He also enjoys the Ferengi game of Tongo, of course; Dax says he scratches his left ear just before Acquiring, a dead giveaway. Security File: Report of Odo, Security Chief Quark, the Ferengi barkeeper, is a self-important con artist who's nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. His bar is a center for scams and illegal dealings.Quark was co-indicted in 2362 by the Romulans as the middleman with alien thief Fallit Kot for hijacking a Romulan ale shipment, but testified against Kot and got off -- barely escaping with his life eight years later here at DS9 when Kot was released. He allowed thieves of the Dax symbiont aboard DS9 and became an inadvertent supplier of arms to the Maquis' first attack. Even my first encounter with Quark, in 2365 on then-Terok Nor, saw him backing up Kira's alibi in the Vaatrik murder for a price.