Mark Lenard


22.11.96 (an Krebs)
Rolle:Botschafter Sarek (In: TOS, TNG, Filme)
Rolle:Romulanischer Commander (In: C15 Balance of Terror)
Rolle:Kingonischer Commander (In: ST The Motion Picture)
Theaterrollen: Square Root of Wonderful (1957, Broadway-Debut), The Boys of Autumn, Much Ado About Nothing, Little Eyolf, Rosmersholm, Country Scandal
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Amazing Space [Erzähler]; Another World; Buck Rogers; Cliffhangers; Gunsmoke; Hawaii Five-O; Here Come the Brides (68-70); Otherworld; The Planet of the Apes (Sept.-Dec. 74); The Secret Empire (Feb.-May 79); Star Trek: The Animated Series {Yesteryear} [Stimme].
Kinofilme: The Greatest Story Every Told; Hang 'Em High (68); Annie Hall