Majel Barrett-Roddenberry


Rolle:Nummer Eins (In: The Cage, The Menagerie)
Rolle:Christine Chapel (In: TOS 66-69, ST1, )
Rolle:Christine Chapel (Stimme) (In: TAS 73-75)
Rolle:(Original) Computerstimme (In: TNG, DS9, ST: Generations)
Rolle:Lwaxana Troi (In: TNG, DS9)
Deutsche Synchronstimme:Ursula Heyer
Geburtsort:Columbus, Ohio
Info:Witwe von Star-Trek-Erschaffer Gene Roddenberry, 1995 ausgezeichnet mit dem Humanist Arts Award (wie ihr Mann 1991).
TV-Serien: Bonanza; Leave It to Beaver; The Lieutenant (65); The Next Step Beyond {Drums at Midnight}; The Second Hundred Years {Remember the Main}; Babylon 5 {Point of No Return} [Lady Morella] (96)
Fernsehfilme: The Questor Tapes (73) [Dr. Bradley], Genesis II (73) [Primus Dominic], Planet Earth (74), Spectre (77), The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (78), The Suicide's Wife [bzw. A New Life] (79)
Kinofilme: The Black Orchid (59) [Luisa], As Young as We Are (58); Country Boy (66); The Domino Principle (77) [Mrs. Schnaible]; A Guide for the Married Man (67) [Mrs. Fred V.]; Love in a Goldfish Bowl (61) [Alice]; The Quick and the Dead (63); Sylvia (65); Track of Thunder (68) [Georgia Clark], Westworld (73) [Miss Carrie], Teresa's Tattoo (94)
Hörbücher: (vorgelesene Bücher) Peter David: Q-In-Law
Produzent: Gene Roddenberry's Lost Universe (94; comic), Battleground Earth (96; Serie von Gene Roddenberry)