Avery Brooks


Rolle:Benjamin Sisko (In: DS9)
Info:Am 27. Mai 1996 erhielt er vom Oberlin College einen Ehrendoktor in Fine Arts.
Theaterrollen: Performed with Aren Stage Rep. Co. 80-81 Season; Are You Now or Have You Ever Been; The Offering; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Paul Robeson; A Photograph: A Study in Cruelty; Spell #7; Paul Robeson: A Play With Music (N.Y.C. Longacre Theatre; Dez. 95)
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Finnegan Begin Again; A Man Called Hawk (Jan.-Aug. 89); Roots: The Gift; Nova {Earthquake!} [Erzähler]; Spenser: Ceremony (93); Spenser: For Hire (85-88).
Kinofilme: The Big Hit (1998), American History X
Regie: DS9: Tribunal, The Abandoned, Fascination, Improbable Cause, Rejoined, Body Parts.