Theodore Bikel


Rolle:Sergey Rozhenko (In: TNG)
Geburtsort:Wien, Österreich
Theaterrollen: The Sound of Music
TV-Serien: Charlie's Angels {Angels on a String}; L.A. Law {Holocaust}; Law and Order; Murder on Flight 502 (75); Star Tonight; Studio One {Julius Caesar} (55); The Twilight Zone {Four O'Clock}, Testimony of Two Men (77) (Mini-Serie), Loose Change (78) (Mini-Serie) [Tom Feiffer]; Babylon 5 [Ivanovas Onkel] {TKO} (94)
Fernsehfilme: Killer by Night (72), Murder on Flight 502 (75), Victory at Entebbe (76) [Yakov], A Stoning in Fulham County (88) [Abe Moser], The Final Days (89), Sidney Sheldon's Memories of Midnight (91) [Napoleon Chotas].
Kinofilme: The African Queen (51) [First Officer], Never Let Me Go (53) [Lieutenant], The Little Kidnappers (53) (aka The Kidnappers), The Divided Heart (54), Flight from Vienna (56), The Enemy Below (57) [Schwaffer], The Pride and the Passion (57) [General Jouvet], The Colditz Story (57), I Bury the Living (58) [Andy McKee], I Want to Live! (58) [Carl Palmberg], The Defiant Ones (58) (oscarnominiert) [Sheriff Max Muller], The Angry Hills (59), The Blue Angel (59), Woman Obsessed (59), A Dog of Flanders (59), My Fair Lady (64) [Zoltan Karpathy], The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (66) [The Russian Captain], My Side of the Mountain (69) [Bando], Darker Than Amber (70), 200 Motels (71) [Rance Muhammitz], Prince Jack (84), Very Close Quarters (86) [Victor], Dark Tower (87), See You in the Morning (89), Shattered (91) [Doctor Berkus], Crisis in the Kremlin (92) [Leo] (aka The Assassination Game), Benefit of the Doubt (93) [Gideon Lee],