Rene Auberjonois


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Rolle:Odo (In: DS9)
Theaterrollen: Big River; Charley's Aunt; City of Angels; Coco; Dark of the Moon; Every Good Boy Deserves Favor; Flea in Her Ear; The Good Doctor; Julius Caesar; King Lear; Metamorphosis; The Misanthrope; The New York Idea; Petrified Forest; Richard III; The Ruling Class; Tartuffe; Tricks; Twelfth Night.
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Absolute Strangers; The Adventures of Ellery Queen; Ashenden; Batman [Stimme]; Benson (*80-86); Beyond Westworld {Sound of Terror}; The Bionic Woman {The Dejon Caper}; Birdmen [bzw. Escape of the Birdmen]; Charlie's Angels {Angels on Skates}; The Christmas Star; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (89); Dark Secret of Harvest Home; Eerie, Indiana {Zombies in PJ's}; Faerie Tale Theatre {Tale of the Frog Prince; Sleeping Beauty}; Fantastic Max [Stimme] (88); Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid; Jonny Quest [Stimme]; The Kid from Nowhere (82); The Last Unicorn [Stimme] (82); Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland [Stimme] (92); Longarm; The Lost Language of Cranes; The Man from Atlantis {Crystal Water; Sudden Death}; Matlock {The Assassination}; More Wild Wild West (80); Murder, She Wrote {Mourning Among the Wisterias}; Ned Blessing: The True Story of My Life; The New Adventures of Wonder Woman {Spaced Out}; Night Gallery {Camera Obscura}; Once Upon a Dead Man; Panache; Pirates of Darkwater (Serie) [Stimme]; The Rhinemann Exchange; Shirts/Skins; Sidney Sheldon's The Sands of Time; A Smoky Mountain Christmas; Wild Card; The Wild Wild West Revisited (79).
Kinofilme: 3:15 -- The Moment of Truth (85); The Battle of Little Jo (93); The Big Bus (76); Brewster McCloud (70); The Eyes of Laura Mars (78); The Feud (90); The Hindenburg (75); Images (72); King Kong (76); Lillith (Debüt, 1964); The Little Mermaid [Stimme] (89); M*A*S*H (70); Martians Go Home (90); McCabe and Mrs. Miller (71); My Best Friend Is a Vampire (88); Once Upon a Midnight Scary (79); Pete 'n' Tillie (72); Petulia (68); The Player (92); Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (88); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country [nur Videofassung] (91); Walker (87); Where the Buffalo Roam (80); Batman Forever (95); Los Locos (97)
Regie: DS9: Prophet Motive (Debut), Family Business, Hippocratic Oath, The Quickening.
Hörbücher: (vorgelesene Bücher) Dafydd Ab Hugh: Fallen Heroes, K.W. Jeter: Warped