Donna Murphy


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Rolle:Anij (In: ST Insurrection)
Geburtsort:Corona, New York
TV-Serien:Murder One (1995-96) [Francesca Cross], LIBERTY! The American Revolution (1997) (mini) [Abigail Adams], Ally McBeal (1998) [Marie Hanson] {The Inmates}, The Practice (1998) [Marie Hansen] {Axe Murderer}, Remember WENN (1996) [Ruth Geddy] {Behind Every Great Woman}, Nothing Sacred (1997) [Camille] {Spirit and Substance}
Fernsehfilme: The The Day Lincoln Was Shot (1998) [Mary Todd Lincoln], Passion (1996) [Fosca], Someone Had to Be Benny (1996)], Power, Passion and Murder (1987) [Vocalist]
Kinofilme: The Astronaut's Wife (1999) [Natalie Streck], The King and I (1996) [Anna], Jade (1995) [Karen Heller], Twelve Dreams (1995), Hello Again (1994) [The Whore], Miss Julie (1993), Song of Singapore (1991), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1986), Playing Our Song (1979)