Colm Meaney


Rolle:Miles O'Brien (In: TNG, DS9)
Theaterrollen: Breaking the Code; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.
Weitere Fernsehauftritte: Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman {2-std. Pilotfilm} (92); The Father Dowling Mysteries; The Gambler III: The Legend Continues (87); Jack's Place {4. Episode}; MacGyver {Good Knight MacGyver, Teil 1}; Moonlighting {Atomic Shakespeare}; New Adam-12; One Life to Live; Tales from the Darkside {Beetles}.
Kinofilme: Come See the Paradise (91); The Commitments (91); The Dead (87); Dick Tracy (90); Die Hard 2: Die Harder (90); Far and Away (92); The Field (90); Last of the Mohicans (92); The Omega Syndrome (87); The Road to Wellville (94); The Snapper (93); Under Siege (92), The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (95) [Bürgermeister], Noose (97), Con Air (97), "The Boys from County Clare" (2003) als "Jimmy"
Sprecher:Cartoon-Stimme Gargoyles (95} {Hound of Ulster}

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